Our History

A true Territory success story

Tony Randazzo, founder of the Randazzo Properties Group, arrived in Australia in 1951 during the post-WWII immigration wave, leaving his home country of Italy at the age of 16 in the hopes of creating a better future for himself on the other side of the globe. After a three-year stint picking tomatoes, working in sawmills and generally doing whatever work he could find in Perth, Tony moved to Darwin in 1954, which at the time was in the early stages of development, and immediately became involved in the Territory’s growing construction industry.

He soon began his own construction company, Randazzo Constructions, which became the largest general builder in Darwin from the late 1950’s through to 1978. During this period, Tony oversaw the transition of the business from construction to property development. Since then, Randazzo Properties has been a leading force in shaping the Territory and helping it achieve greater success.

As a result of Tony’s dedication and development of the business from its inception and his commitment to bettering the Territory, Randazzo Properties has remained determined to maintain a reputation of excellence and integrity so as to be able to deliver the best possible service to its clients.